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Doe’s Delta Hot Tamales

Beef tamales, served with a cup of homemade chili

1/2 dozen – $16.00  |  dozen – $25.00


Served broiled or fried

1/2 dozen – $14.00  |  dozen – $23.00
1/2 dozen fried & 1/2 dozen broiled – $23.00

Sautéed Mushrooms

Fresh button mushrooms, sautéed to bring out all of the flavor

cup – $4.00  |  bowl – $6.00

Doe’s Skins

Two or Four fried potato skins topped with melted cheddar cheese, bacon, and chives
Served with a side of ranch or sour cream

cup – $4.00  |  bowl – $6.00


Our signature streak cut from the middle portion of the loin

$44.00 per pound


The first cut from the loin, the T-bone is a mainstay of every fine steakhouse

$38.00 per pound


This enormous, boneless, center cut steak has a delicious flavor



A thick, hand-cut medallion of succulent, aged beef tenderloin

6oz. – $36.00  |  8oz. – $48.00
110z. – $56.00 | The King (14oz.) – $64.00


This massive “cowboy-cut” bone-in steak is highly marbled and packed with flavor


Add: Blue Cheese $4. –  Horse Radish $2
**Your steak arrives at your table, please note that it will almost always appear to be undercooked along the bone**



Crab & Corn Bisque

A rich & creamy bisque, made from scratch with plenty of real, lump crab meat

cup – $8.00  |  bowl – $10.00

Tenderloin Jerky

80z. of sweet and spicy house-made jerky from our tenderloin tips


Carry-out Tamales

Great for entertaining, a quick meal idea, or to eat while watching the game

1/2 dozen – $16.00  |  dozen – $25.00



Blackened Salmon

An 8 oz Atlantic Salmon filet blackened with a delicious blend of Cajun spice. Served with a side of long grain and wild rice


Lobster tail

Two 10oz Atlantic cold water tails grilled to perfection

Or add a tail to any meal

Market Price

Shrimp Dinner

One dozen broiled or one dozen fried


Half & half – 1/2 dozen fried & 1/2 dozen broiled


Boiled Red Potatoes
Fresh Cut French Fries
Southern Style Green Beans

**All entrees are served with Doe’s salad, choices of red potatoes, green beans, or fresh-cut fries & southern drop biscuits**

Extra sides: $3.00

Baked Potato

$3.00 Extra

Sautéed Mushrooms

($4.00) cup or ($6.00) bowl


Adult Chicken Strips

Five hand-battered, all white-meat chicken tenderloins with fries


Kid’s Chicken Strips

Three hand-battered, all white-meat chicken tenderloins with fries


All of our entrees are served with Doe’s salad, with your choice of boiled red potatoes, fresh-cut fries or green beans & southern style drop-biscuits – baked potato $3.00 extra

Rare: red center approx. 25 min.

Med. rare: pink to edge
approx. 30 min.

Medium: pink center
approx. 35 min.

Med. Well: slightly pink
approx. 40 min.

Well: no pink
approx. 45 min.

***Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry & seafood may increase your risk or foodborne illness***

*A 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more*

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